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Veterans lose a close one

Central Jersey Friendship League O-40

Cranbury, NJ – October 21, 2007 – For the second week in a row the Veterans played very well but came up short.

Korabi took a 1-0 lead midway through the first half with Kujtim Kaziu converting a through pass from Murat Mela. Unfortunately the hosts were able to equalize within minutes catching the defense off guard.

Late in the second half Korabi should have been awarded an obvious penalty when a Cranbury defender played the ball with his hand deep in the penalty area but the referee claimed it was outside the penalty area.

With minutes remaining in the game Cranbury were able to score on a long shot to seal the victory.

Need to mention that for the second week in a row the Veterans have played without substitutes and have been able to hold up pretty well. It’s time to do some shuffling and bring in some new players.

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