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Korabi announces coalition with Silver Lake Soccer Club

Last night Korabi president Murat Mela, player development director Reshit “Rusty” Papraniku and Juuniors coach Austin McMohamd met with Silver Lake Officials Dr. Gabriel Nigrin, Burt Wilkes and Zoran Bistre. The meeting was held at the home of Dr. Nigrin at the request of Silver Lake to discuss and explore the possibilities of the two clubs joining forces to help improve their respective clubs.

As a result, it was mutually agreed that Silver Lake would concentrate on youth teams ages 8 to 16 and Korabi would concentrate on teams ages 17 and older. This means that Silver Lake will develop the youth program that would eventually feed the older Korabi clubs. Korabi will help recruit both players and coaches for the youth clubs.

Officials of both clubs feel the potential is there and are very optimistic.

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