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Korabi board suspends Juniors

 Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League U-19 “A”

The Korabi Board of Directors punishes Junior’s and suspends them for the rest of the season. Hopefully everyone will learn a valuable lesson. Below is the letter that was sent to the league.

 April 5, 2008

Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League
850 62nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Dear members of the Disciplinary Committee:

On behalf of the Korabi Soccer Club organization, I would like to apologize to everyone for our Korabi Juniors involvement in the embarrassing violent incident that took place on Sunday, March 30th, 2008 between our club and the Kosmos/Greek Americans.

As a result of Sunday’s incident, we had an emergency board meeting and decided that we need to take a harsh stance on such conduct. We feel that this type of behavior cannot be tolerated and have decided that, in addition to any disciplinary action imposed by you, to suspend the entire team, including the coaching staff, for the remainder of the season. In addition, we ask that you not permit our players and coaches to participate in any other clubs during this period.

We would kindly ask that you allow us to continue to field junior teams in various age groups and not allow this isolated incident to ruin what we have begun, the road to a strong junior program.

We certainly look forward to our participation in the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League.


KORABI Soccer Club
Murat Mela


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