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Korabi loses derby but gains promotion anyway

Cosmopolitan Soccer League Metro 2 West

KORABI Bears 0-1 Pythagoras Samos

Midland Beach Field, Staten Island, NY – June 8, 2008 – The Metro Second Division Championship was decided here today with the first place, leaders by 1 point, Pythagoras Samos visited the second place Korabi Bears.

The first half resembled a chess match, uneventful, with both teams careful not to make any mistakes, primarily playing a back and forth midfield game.

Korabi started the second half on the attack and created many scoring opportunities but came up short against a very stubborn visiting defense. In the 65th minute the visitors got a gift when the host keeper mishandled the ball and let it get into the net for the only goal of the game. For the rest of the game Korabi attacked relentlessly but still came up short with the visitors defending very well and coming up with some very big defensive plays.

The Samos team was very fortunate to come up with the win and with it they secured first place and automatic promotion to the Metro First Division. The Korabi Bears finish the season in second place and also gain promotion to the Metro First Division as two teams move up.

We would like to congratulate the Korabi Bears and the entire Korabi organization, their players, fans and supporters on their promotion and success.

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