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Manalapan – KORABI Veterans 2-5 (1-4)

MPj04340210000[1]Central Jersey Friendship League O-40 “A”

Manalapan 2-5 KORABI Veterans
Goals: Gamend Belegu (3), Shpëtim Ramku, Kujtim Kaziu

Manalapan, NJ – November 23, 2008 – The Veterans totally dominated the game and came up with the easy win.

The Veterans took an early lead with Shpëtim Ramku and never looked back. Gazmend Belegu scored a pair of goals for a 3-0 lead and Kujtim Kaziu scored the 4th goal. Shortly before halftime the host scored to pull one goal back.

Manalapan scored midway through the second half to pull back another goal but shortly after Gazmend Belegu scored his 3rd goal of the game to put it away for the Veterans who coasted the rest of the game.

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