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Korabi open Fall ’09 season with win


 Cosmopolitan Soccer League Metro-1

KORABI Bears – Atlas Lions 4-1 (1-0)
Goals: Azmir Dzemoski (2), Berat Islami (2)

Greenbelt Rec Ctr, Staten Island, NY – September 13, 2009 – A beautiful day for an afternoon soccer game as Korabi began the Fall 2009 campaign with a well deserved win against a strong newly promoted Atlas Lions team.

The visitors showed ball control abilities early in the game without much threat of scoring. Korabi on the other hand missed many scoring opportunities but it did not lose composure as patience prevailed and finally scored in the 40th minute when substitute Azmir Dzemoski scored on a hard low shot from the right corner for a 1-0 Korabi lead. There were still many other chances missed in the first half but it ended 1-0.

Korabi came on strong in the second half attacking the visitor goal and in the 55th minute increased the lead on a beautiful Berat Islami volley on a cross by Albert Ruci from the left side. Twenty minutes later Berat Islami scored again, this time taking a pass from Azmir Dzemoski from the right side.

The visitors got on the scoreboard in the 88th minute but it was already too late. Azmir Dzemoski scored his second goal in the final minute of the game for the final score of 4-1.

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