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A hard fought & well deserved win


 Cosmopolitan Soccer League Metro-1

KORABI Bears – Long Island United 2-0 (1-0)
Goals: Philipe Sala, Abdulla Begai

Bekim “Bek” Papraniku
Staten Island, NY – November 8, 2009 – On this sunny day, Korabi outshined the “steroid rage” of Long Island United.

Having played Long Island United last year and knowing that this team is full of immoral, unruly, loudmouthed so- called ” players”, Korabi came out with a game plan to play soccer and not get distracted from their antics. Korabi pressed continuously in the first half which led to a brilliant goal by Philippe Sala in a “Ronaldinho-esque” fashion.

Long Island United’s steroid rage came out in the 2nd half in full “swing”. This led to a little mayhem and resulted in red cards for a player on each side. Gladly to state, Albert Ruci’s red card was one that many of the Korabi players didn’t mind at all. Ruci came to the defense of his teammate after being innocently pummeled from behind (many thanks Ruci). Good to know that Ruci’s left hook is much better than his left foot.

Once play continued, Korabi went back to their game plan and scored on a penalty by Abdulla Begai. The entire Korabi team played “united” as Long Island tried to figure out what went wrong with their dosage.

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