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Someone call 911


 Cosmopolitan Soccer League Metro-1

NY State “D’Arpino Cup 2009″

NYPD FC – Korabi Bears 0-4
Goals: Abdulla Begai, Philipe Sala , Manuel, Alban Zekaj

Bekim “Bek” Papraniku
Queens, NY – November 15, 2009 – Someone call 911… NYPD got robbed, mugged and man-handled!

Korabi came out looking like they just watched a Barcelona match and had to imitate it. It was a game that Korabi can be proud of. Everyone on the pitch played “the beautiful game” of soccer. Korabi was passing, switching the ball, crossing the ball, one touch, two touch, give and go…doing all the right things and doing it well.

The first half opened up to 4 goals and a smile on the Coach’s face. The second half open up to a frustrated NYPD without any back-up. The referee stopped the game early due to NYPD players and coaches threatening and cursing at him.

On this day it was Korabi who was NYC “Finest”.

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