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Korabi beat group leader

Cosmopolitan Soccer League

Metro-1 Division East

KORABI – Sporting Astoria 3-0 (0-0)
Goals: Lirim Begai, Albert Ruci, Abdulla Begai

Staten Island, NY – April 18, 2010 – Korabi needed to win the remaining 4 games to have a chance at winning promotion to the Second Division and they did well today beating the group leader 3-0.

Korabi played very well and could very well have won the game in the first half had it not been for the outstanding play of the Sporting Astoria goalkeeper who shut them out.

Korabi patiently continued playing well in the second half and were finally able to break the ice, with Lirim Begai scoring in the 70th minute. After braking the ice Korabi made look easy, Albert Ruci scored in the 75th minute and Abdulla Begai in the 80th minute, to complete the scoring.

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