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Up in smoke at Marlboro

Central Jersey Friendship Soccer League

Frendship Ball

Over40 “A” Division

Marlboro – KORABI 5-1 (2-1)
Goals: Bashkim Abdullai

Marlboro, NJ – April 18, 2010 – Rather than playing the first half shorthanded, since Marlboro was missing players and it’s a “Friendship League”, Korabi loaned players to Marlboro so they can field a full squad and thus helped their opponent beat them.

Marlboro scored to take the lead in the 20th minute. Bashkim Abdullai scored to even the score in the 35th minute. The host scored to regain the lead right before halftime.

The Veterans could not muster much offense in the second half and Marlboro scored three times for the easy win.

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