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Korabi advances to cup semi-final

 Cosmopolitan Soccer League


 Metro-1 Division East 

 NY State “D’Arpino Cup 2009″

Istria – KORABI 2-4
Goals: Abdulla Begai 2, Berat Islami 2

Bekim “Beck” Papraniku
Queens, NY – May 2, 2010 – Korabi advances to the semi-final of the New York State “D’Arpino Cup” with a well deserved away win.

Playing with no substitutes, injuries and defender Bekim Papraniku playing goal keeper, this was a noteworthy win. Several players were injured, including the goalkeeper who pulled his calf muscle 10 minutes into play, but Korabi dug deep and played on. Korabi scored two goals in the first half, both by Abdulla Begai. Istria came close to scoring in this half with two golden opportunities but it was spoiled by the keeper’s magnificent saves from out of no where.

The Korabi players were feeling the injuries in the second half as Istria pressed and attacked with persistence. Istria was awarded a penalty early in the 2nd half and scored. As some Korabi players were struggling with their injuries, a brilliant solo performance by Berat Islami was able to counter attack and penetrate through the Istria defense to score and take the lead to 3-1. Shortly after, a miscommunication with the Korabi defense, led to another goal for Istria now making the game 3-2 in favor of Korabi. With still some time to play, Istria was pressing and it just seemed they were going to score at will, but Korabi’s defense packed it in and did not allow any penetration. With minutes to play, another brilliant performance by Berat Islami sealed the deal by scoring the 4th goal and winning the game 4-2.

This was a game of pure heart, determination and team work that Korabi demonstrated when facing a challenge of difficulties. Bravo!

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