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Korabi opens Fall 2010 season with win

Cosmopolitan Soccer League


Metro-1 Division

KORABI – Nieuw Amsterdam 4-2
Goals: Abdulla Begai, Darren (2), Berat Islami

Kujtim “Timmy” Begai
Staten Island, NY – September 19 2010 – Korabi opened the new 2010-2011 soccer season against Nieuw Amsterdam at Greenbelt Recreation Center with a 4:2 win.

The game started with Korabi on the offense and finally taking a 1-0 lead with Abdulla Begai’s goal. After the goal the Korabi players took a coffee break and let their opponents take a 1:2 lead before awakening and starting to play (but by this time it was already too late as coach Russty Papraniku had pulled all the hair out of his head).

Our own Darren (who some fans may think he plays like Darren Bent of Sunderland, and very well may possibly be a bit faster) scored two quick goals for a 3:2 Korabi lead, this gave the coach and players some relief.

Finally a fourth goal by Berat Islami deflated Nieuw Amsterdam’s balloon as they came down to reality and landed on our Greenbelt home field and a 4:2 score was acceptable by both teams.

The new season has brought some new youngsters into the Korabi lineup and they will give Korabi new life in the days and games ahead.

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