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Korabi wins away at Goettschee

Cosmopolitan Soccer League


Metro-1 Division

BW Gottschee Cosmos – KORABI 0-2 (0-0)
Goals: Abdulla Begai, Darren

Kujtim “Timmy” Begai
Randalls Island, NY – September 26 2010 – Traveling to Randall’s Island to face last year’s nemesis, BW Gottschee, Korabi coach and players were ready to play. The Island had changed, new ramp to the Island, new soccer fields all over, but somehow we went to the wrong Field #62 and were ready to take on a Cricked team whose game had just started and one of the Cricket players told us to come back at 4:00pm. Well, on to Field #71 to take on BW Gottschee whose players started showing up at 2:10pm and finally the game started at 2:27pm.

Korabi started a defensive coordinated game and gradually was able to build some unsuccessful offensive attacks. The Korabi defense was pretty solid, and when needed goalkeeper Ari Dema was there to shut out the opponent’s offense.

The second half started with Korabi midfielders and forwards waking up and creating some attacking offensive plays and eventually taking a 1 goal lead from a 25 yard free kick by Abdulla Begai on the 58th minute. As the game went on more chances and opportunities were created by Berat, Berti, Asmir, Abdulla, Adam, Dashnor and Darren as they all made some great plays to create the opportunity to score and finally a Dashnor to Darren combination gave Korabi a 2-0 lead on the 84th minute.

The”Russo’s Brick Defense” of Alban, Christian, Lirim and Russo himself was solid throughout the game and goalkeeper Ari Dema were successful in shutting out BW Gottschee. Overall the shutout was a great win against a club that last year took two Final Cups away from Korabi.

After the game the coach-driver Rusty was so happy that he decided on giving the players a tour of Randalls Island with the Korabi van and the other players who drove to Randall Island field following with their cars behind. Must say it was a spectacular sight, many new soccer fields, people camping and fishing by the river, a walking bridge over the river to 102nd street in Manhattan, Randalls Island has been transformed into a Soccer Island. It was around 4:40 PM and as we drove again past the Cricket Field #62 whose game was still on, but coach and players just ignored them as the “A Pizza Invitation” was on their minds, Dashi had invited the team players to his Pizzeria & Restaurant on 276 Port Richmond Avenue (thanks to Dashi and his workers for the great pizzas and drinks for a group of hungry players), and finally home for the Jets game.

Next game Korabi will face off against Homenetmen of NY on Saturday, a 6:30pm game in Manhattan, fans are welcome.

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