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Korabi continue winning

 Cosmopolitan Soccer League


 Metro-1 Division East 

KORABI – Gotham Argo 2:1(0:1)
Goals: Arban Musa, Ari Dema

Kujtim “Timmy” Begai
Staten Island, NY – October 10, 2010 – On a beautiful Sunday afternoon Korabi played at home, at the Greenbelt Recreational Center Field on Staten Island, in front of the many Korabi spectators who showed up to support their team.

Most of the players, young and old, were there to contribute their part and to continue their winning streak. Today even Darien showed up early so things looked good, a couple of injured players out of the lineup were not going to stop Korabi’s momentum.

Korabi started the game pressuring Gotham Argo, and in the first minutes missed its chances on a few golden opportunities. Gotham Argo started to get their game under control and in the 34th minute did take a one goal lead as their center forward turned around a defender and took a low shot to beat the Korabi goalkeeper.

In the second half the Korabi pressure was relentless and finally in the 49th minute Arban Musa’s shot looped over Gotham Argo’s goalkeeper and found the net for the youngster’s first goal with Korabi. With pressure continuing in Gotham Argos penalty box, a ball deflection by Berti Mela hit the defenders hand and a penalty was given by the referee. The penalty kick was taken by Korabi goalkeeper Ari Dema who was able to send the Gotham Argo goalkeeper flying the wrong way and put the ball in the net for a 2:1 Korabi lead in the 68th minute.

Gotham Argo kept on trying to play a long ball to their forwards on the dying minutes of the game, and their physical presence was obvious as a high kick to Bekim Papraniku’s face send the Korabi defender out of the game with a broken front tooth. I don’t know if Bekim has able to taste or eat the pizza after the game as Pronto Pizza’s Dashnor Miftari delivered and donated pizzas and sodas to the Korabi team. The pizzas were devoured 30 seconds after the end of the game by a hungry group of Korabi soccer players, and I tell you, these players just love pizza and winning games.

The2:1 victory keeps Korabi SC on top of Metro 1 East division with 12 points and Tesoro Kings SC chasing them with 9 points and a game in hand as both teams remains undefeated.

Next Sunday at 12:45 PM, Korabi SC faces Integral Kings in a D’Arpino Cup state cup game at Greenbelt Field on Staten Island, and as always spectators are welcome.

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