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Korabi wins in D’Arpino Cup

Cosmopolitan Soccer League


 Metro-1 Division East 

 NY State “D’Arpino Cup”

KORABI – Integral Kings (LISFL) 1-1 (0-0)
Goal: Berat Islami
Penalties Made: Ari Dema, Berat Islami, Darien, Alban Zekaj

Kujtim “Timmy” Begai
Staten Island, NY – October 17, 2010 – Korabi recorded the first win in the D’Arpino Cup against Integral Kings of the LISFL, the game was played at Greenfield Recreational Center in Staten Island.

Korabi started the game attacking and pressuring Integral on their half of the field, and within minutes Korabi forwards had their chances but they could not convert on many opportunities time and time again to take the lead, and had to settle for a scoreless first half.

In the second half Integral showed a more offensive and creative game and had some one on one opportunities against the Korabi goalkeeper, but were not able to score. Due to rough play, an Integral player was ejected at the 64th minute, and playing shorthanded they were able to score a goal in the 67th minute and take a 1:0 lead.

Korabi coach made some substitutions to the front line and shuffled some midfielders and defenders to create some offense, as the move proved successful, different players missed many scoring chances and just when it seemed that the Korabi forwards could not put the ball into their opponents net, Berat Islami’s individual effort gave hope to Korabi players and fans as he dribbled past three Integral players and scored with a hard shot to the right corner of the net, and tied the score 1:1 at the 83nd minute.

Due to D’Arpino Cup regulations the game had to be decided on penalties. Korabi outscored Integral 4:2 in penalties, as Ari Dema, Berat Islami, Darien and Alban Zekaj scored for Korabi, while Integral only scored twice on Korabi goalkeeper Ari Dema. With the win Korabi SC advances to the next stage of D’Arpino Cup.

Korabi SC next CSL game is away against Sporting Astoria SC, 10:00 AM at Roosevelt Island Octagon Field.

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