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Korabi VS Malboro

Korabi 3 – Malboro 4

Goals: Albert Ruci(2); Fisnik Daci(1)

Korabi loses a tough one on Sunday April 6. This was a battle between two teams that both wanted the win. It was a back and worth event which entertain the spectators. Korabi was slightly undermanned today, but still managed to battle until the end.

The score at the half was 2-2 with both goals coming off the foot of Albert Ruci. The season half started with Korabi coming out slow which lead to one quick goal for Malboro. Fisnik Daci finished a breakaway goal to pull the game even. Korabi had a few additional chances but could not find the back of the net. Malboro came down and scored the winner. Korabi had a few chances towards the end of the match but could not tie the game.

Korabi will be playing next week with additional information coming later this week.

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